About my reviews

When reading my SF reviews, you might want to have some idea how my taste matches up with yours. First, I only somewhat prefer science fiction to fantasy. I don’t go in much for multi-volume epics of elves frolicking (or warring) in the forest, but I don’t mind an occasional fantasy novel, particularly if its “historical” in the sense of being based on traditional tales of a historical culture. In science fiction I also enjoy reading older books for the historical perspective they give on the time when they were written.

Second, I recently tend to read more short fiction than book-length. I’ve only got so many free hours in the week, and I’d like the chance to
read more than one story in that time. I also find I can only concentrate hard enough to enjoy the more “literary” style found often in, for example, F&SF, in short fiction. In novels I prefer the snappy, seat-of-the-pants, style of someone like Stross or Scalzi.

If you like Iain M. Banks, Neal Stephenson, Charles Stross, John Brunner, Connie Willis, and Robert Heinlein then you might want to read my reviews. I usually like the magazines Asimov’s, F&SF, and Interzone; F&SF is my favorite. I usually like 75% or more of Dozois’ selections for the Year’s Best.

If your favorites are Allen Steele, S. M. Stirling, Trek novelizations, or Analog magazine, you should probably ignore my opinions.


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