To make raisin wine

Here’s a garbled signal, found browsing Google Books.

From The Art of Cookery… By Hannah Glasse (1774):

To make raisin wine

TAKE two hundred of raifins, ftalks and all, and put them into a large hogshead, fill it up with water, let them fteep a fortnight, stirrng them every day; them pour off all the liquor, and drefs the raifins. Pour both liquors together in a nice clean vefsel that will juft hold [?], for it muft be full; let it ftand till it has done hiffing, or making the leaft noife, then ftop it clofe and let it ftand fix months. Peg it and if you find it quite clear rack it off into another veffel; ftop it clofe and let it ftand three months longer; then bottle it, and when you ufe it, rack it off into a decanter.

Once you get over following the old style “s”s (which come through the OCR as “f”s), this recipe shouldn’t be difficult to adapt for use today. Anyone ever try a raisin wine? Would we consider it drinkable today?


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